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  1. Anne says:

    What has become of your house in Spello? Are you now at both locations or just at la Bella Terra?

    • We are in between at the moment but moving permanently to the mountains… momentarily. Right now we just need to cut our wood to have heat–which is happening on Wednesday. The house in Spello is for sale and we will lend it to visiting friends to stay in until it is sold. With three wonderful wwoofers, we removed all the flowering and food plants as well as the berry bushes and most of the small fruit bearing trees. In October, we replanted them at the farm. As soon as fences are up–we have wolves in the country–and a pond is dug, we will move the ducks and the chickens, though they will be entirely free-ranging all day, locked up at night only. So mostly we are gone from Spello. YES!

  2. Ruth Price says:


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